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[exo] don't doubt that i love you || one-shot

exo ; sehun/yixing ; g ; 1,500
where sehun gets jealous of luhan, luhan and jongin are being idiots and yixing is just stuck in the middle of everything.
for jessica because she's a horrible friend. (LOL)

they weren’t supposed to be here. they should have left the practice room two hours ago but sehun couldn’t help but want to keep yixing to himself for a few more hours.

exo m is supposed to go to taiwan the next day and sehun’s not sure when it is the next time he’ll see yixing again.

so instead of letting the older sleep, sehun kept him behind and they were now lying on the floor, breathing heavily.

“sehun, we should go back. luhan has been calling me nonstop,” yixing says, breathless from dancing for five hours straight.

sehun growls before getting up and storms to yixing’s bag, rummaging through it for yixing’s phone to turn it off. “there.”

“sehun, luhan is going to be mad at me,” yixing says and gets up off the ground, patting the dust off his pants.

“why?” sehun whispers before he could stop the words from slipping through his mouth.

“because we’re supposed to fly—”

“why do you always talk about luhan?” sehun says, sighing internally. might as well ask yixing now.

“sehun,” yixing groans and walks over to sehun to wrap his arms around the youngers waist. “i love you.”

“i sometimes doubt that,” sehun whispers into yixing’s hair and smiles sadly when he feels yixing press his lips again his neck.

“well, you shouldn’t,” yixing mumbles against his neck and continues to press light kisses up his neck.

“well, i do. i see the way you look at luhan, yixing,” sehun says and sighs when he feels yixing freeze. “you love luhan, not me.”

to say sehun was surprised was an understatement when yixing pushed him away and he sees the anger in the elders eyes.

“why would you ever doubt i love you, sehun!?” yixing growls, anger in his eyes but the rest of his features show how upset he is.

“you guys are all feely and shit all the time. how could i not?” sehun mutters and plays with the hem of his shirt to avoid the elders eyes.

“and you’re like that with jongin! do you ever see me doubting you?” yixing asks, face softening once he sees how nervous the younger is.

“you should,” sehun says and slaps his hand over his mouth once realizing what he had said.

“what?” yixing asks and sehun bites his bottom lip.

“you heard me,” sehun says and he really wants to dig a hole to crawl in.

he knows he’s being childish and nothing is really going on between him and jongin but he doesn’t like how close luhan is to yixing. he knows that nothing is going on between the two besides being best friends but he can’t help but being jealous. luhan is always the one yixing goes to first during his hard times. luhan’s always the first to be by yixing’s side when he’s injured. why can’t he be the first person yixing thinks of when he has troubles?

“i—“ yixing starts, shock clearly written across his face. “i’m leaving. good night.”

before sehun could reply, yixing had grabbed all his belongings and flew out the door, leaving sehun alone with the sight of tears running down yixing’s face burning in his mind.

sehun didn’t get to see exo m off. he had accidentally slept through his alarm clock and he cursed the gods for hating him so much. he had planned to apologize to yixing that morning and had wanted to litter kissing all over yixing’s face before the elder departs.

“what did you say to yixing?” jongin says the moment he enters sehun and joonmyun’s room. “he looked like his pet dog got run over by a truck last night.”

“i was being an idiot yesterday,” sehun says and sighs, turning to bury his head into his pillow.

“why am i not surprised? what did you do, idiot?” jongin chuckles and settles down at the end of sehun’s bed.

“i asked him why he always talks about luhan because i was jealous how he always goes to luhan and not me when he has something on his mind,” sehun groans into his pillow and if jongin wasn’t giving him a judging stare at the moment, he would have applauded at his ability to be able to understand him.

“so you basically got into a fight with yixing because you’re jealous of luhan?” jongin scoffs and grabs an extra pillow on sehun’s bed to whack the younger in the head with it. “you are an idiot.”

“didn’t i say i was already?! you’re not helping, jongin,” sehun whines and flings his blanket over his shoulder to wrap himself into a cocoon.

“have you ever thought maybe you are the cause of his troubles and he doesn’t want to talk to you about them?” jongin says and tugs at sehun’s blanket. “maybe he’s not as strong as you think he is.”

“what have i ever done to make him feel troubled?” sehun huffs and lets jongin unravel him from his blanket.

“let me see, you are pretty touchy with everyone,” jongin says and laughs when he sees sehun with his hair sticking up in all directions. “that should be your hairstyle for our comeback.”

“jongin!” sehun whines and pouts.

“okay, okay! so have you ever thought that maybe yixing isn’t as confident in himself as he may seem to be? he does doubt himself a lot you know,” jongin says and pinches his chin with his index finger and thumb like he’s trying to think really hard.

“did yixing say something to you?” sehun cocks his eyebrow.

“well, yeah?” jongin says and slaps sehun lightly on his shoulder. “you should call him, maybe?”


sehun calls yixing the next day and almost threw his phone across the room when the latter picks up.

“hello?” yixing says, voice husky from just waking up.

“oh, did i wake you up?” sehun says and grabs the nearest toy on his bed, which just so happens to be a unicorn toy yixing gave him a year ago.

“not really. what’s up?” yixing yawns and sehun wants to slap himself for blushing at the image of yixing yawning.

“i just wanted to hear your voice,” sehun says and he swears he looks like a high school girl talking to her crush with the way he’s blushing and the way he’s scrunching the poor unicorn toy.

“i’m sorry,” yixing says and sehun could hear shuffling in the background.

“what for?” sehun asks and bites the bottom of his lips again.

“for believing you had a thing with jongin. that was stupid of me,” yixing laughs and sehun hears shuffling again.

“if there is someone who needs to apologize, it would be me. sorry hyung, that was so childish of me,” sehun says with a pout and pouts even more when he hears yixing laughing.

“i can hear you pouting, sehun. you’re too cute,” yixing chuckles and sehun feels his heart stop.

“hyung, jongin told me something yesterday,” sehun says and falls backwards to lie on his bed.

“oh? what did that brat say?” yixing asks and sehun could imagine yixing frowning cutely on the other end.

“he said that i’m too touchy with other members and you’re not as confident in yourself,” sehun says and chucks the unicorn toy away to replace it with yixing’s favourite teddy bear that he had stolen a week ago.

yixing laughs and sehun doesn’t understand why. “what’s so funny?”

“don’t listen to jongin, sehun, ever. he’s an idiot,” yixing says, still chuckling.

“why?” sehun asks, still not understanding what is so funny.

“jongin is having feeling issues.” yixing laughs and continues, “the reason why luhan and i have been more feely and touchy than usual is because luhan wants to make jongin jealous and realize his feelings for luhan and confess to luhan. those two are idiots.”

“oh…” sehun says after letting everything click together. “wow.”

“i’ll see you next week?” yixing says and sehun throws the teddy bear across the room for it to bounce off the wall and land on joonmyun’s bed.

“stop talking like that!” sehun whines and wiggles on his bed uncomfortably. “it’s making me uncomfortable.”

yixing bursts out laughing. “does my voice make you hard?”

“shut up!” sehun says and grabs his pillow to hug it. “i miss you already.”

“aww, i love you too, sehun.”

sehun feels his heart swell at that and he swears he’s never had such a huge grin on his face before.

“i love you, yixing hyung.”

“don’t you dare get anyone else to help you with your problem sehun. i’m warning you,” yixing says and laughs when sehun makes a noise no human should make.

“see you soon,” yixing says in that stupid husky voice and hangs up before sehun could yell at him.

“how am i supposed to get rid of this problem now!?” sehun whines and throws his pillow across the room to join the teddy bear.

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Tags: - fanfiction, exo: sehun, exo: yixing (lay), fandom: exo (m&k), length: 1000~5000, pairing: sehun/yixing, rating: pg, verse: expanded, warning: none
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